Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday: Thoughts while nothing really happens... (9/5/10)

Nobody's been here working since Thursday, and that means Jack has been dangerously distracted with coming up with new ideas for the house.  The newest (which I LOVE) is planting a "living wall" or "vertical garden" on the courtyard garden wall, which the sliding glass doors in the new dining room will look out onto.  We had long talked about a formal, contemporary koi pond there, so the new idea is to have water trickle down the wall, hydrating the plants, and falling into a koi pond that goes along the bottom of the garden wall (this would not be the only recirculation/oxygenation of the water for those poor little fish...)

If anyone has an opinion to offer on this, please do!  (If so, go to the 'Comments' link below this post.)

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