Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday: Invisible speakers and visible siding (5/27/11)

Here, the invisible speaker has been "mudded in" where the TV will be in the living room.  A little more mud on the speakers surface than we'd hoped, but the sound still seems to be quite good.

The speakers in the kitchen on either side of the computer opening...

...and mid-way through installation in the dining room.  Jack put in one of Sheila's CDs by one of her favorite bands, Care Bears on Fire, and we all danced room to room for a bit.  It rocks.

We also got two sample pieces of the cedar siding for the exterior.  We were concerned about the v groove on the sides looking a bit too "cabin-like," but I don't think it does.  We're looking into the wood grade though, as it was supposed to the the highest grade (clear) cedar, and has more imperfections that we expected.

And the finish being used is starting to get complicated.  The cedar siding (two panels on the left) and the Douglas fir window frame on the right look more alike (and are treated with the same sealant), than does the cedar window trim between them, which has a different brand of sealant.  We'll be trying to figure out how best to proceed next week.

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