Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday: Windows (5/3/11)

On Tuesday, they did more exterior sealing of the windows.  So the tarps are finally down!  Very refreshing.  Here I'm standing just inside the gate-to-be looking into the courtyard garden.

So this is the view from the dining room...

This is the view from the hallway...

We just didn't get a sense of how you get views from one space into another when the windows were covered in plastic.  Here I'm standing just inside of the new front door, looking toward the dining room.

Speaking of the new front door, this is one drawing of it.  It will be made of Douglas Fir to match the wood in the windows.  And yes, it will have a handle.

And a picture of the front, just because I haven't taken one in a while.  A neighbor very kindly commented on how much she likes that you can see through the front window out to the greenery.  Those darned architects...  they do seem to know what they're doing, don't they?

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