Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday: Mom, I've found the house for you! (5/7/11)

We visited Ladew Gardens and were greeted, upon parking, by a trillion hounds - true hunt country.  They were all baying...  Thank goodness we hadn't chanced bringing Reuben to leave him in the truck for a bit!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom - I've located the perfect house for you.  This is the manor house at Ladew Gardens (this is the rear of the house) and it seems just perfect for you and Dad.

As you put your back to the last view of the back of the house, this is the yard that follows.

Take a few steps down, and this is to your left - a true garden room.

And this was to the right - white wisteria, maybe?

And a few steps further down, was a huge stretch of waves of water with a string of swans swimming upon it.

A broader view...

And if the manor house is a bit too large for you and Dad, you could always opt for the Cottage.  Wisteria conveys.

Other topiary includes the two steeplechase participants...

...and the dogs they're following...  (couldn't capture the whole shot with all the plant sale tents)

But we brought another dog home from the event.  Reuben was momentarily interested in him.  We think we might name him Bonsai.  He's amazingly uninterested in walks.


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